Monday, September 20, 2010


EPI is an ETF which tracks Indian stocks, which have been on fire lately. It is currently overbought with both daily and weekly RSI & Ult Osc near 70.

STRATEGY: Buy Oct 27 puts when EPI trades at 26.00-26.25. Exit at 25.00-25.35.
This strategy could give 50-100% returns within few days.

UPDATE (Sep 23rd): Bought Nov 27 puts for 1.00 when EPI was trading at 26.30 and sold them for 1.35 when EPI filled the gap at 25.68.
35% profit in 3 days!

UPDATE (Sep 30th): Bought Nov 28 puts at 1.25. Will add more if it rallies next week. EPI may have another 2% upside after which it should pullback to 25.70-26.00 in W4 by mid Oct followed by a rally to new high in W5 by Diwali on Nov 5th. I will close my Nov puts at 26 and will look to short again around Diwali.
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